Guide to the Expertise Manager
The manual describes the complete "Expertise Manager" software, as well as all the important functions of "Word" and "FixFoto". With a detailed index and many cross-references, it is an ideal reference work if you ever get "stuck" in one of the software programmes mentioned.
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18,60 EUR excl. 7% tax
Tip "Camera purchase for experts" (german)
In this small photo tip, I provide an overview of suitable cameras for expert witness work. This is free of charge and only available as a download (PDF).
Not for sale
Deficiency inch stick with small lettering
On the 2-metre folding rule, the most common construction defects are listed on the side. This will please those who are at a loss for words during the building inspection for defective performance - a surreptitious glance at the narrow side of the folding rule will encourage the flow of speech :)
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