Purchasing advice for endoscopes

We stock various endoscopes for technical use, such as for building diagnostics or engine inspection. Here we describe what you need to look out for when buying an endoscope. You can find a detailed version of this article here. Eine ausführliche Fassung diesen Artikels finden Sie hier.

Rigid and flexible endoscopes: Rigid endoscopes are easier to guide, but cannot follow cables. Flexible endoscopes, often with a fibreglass neck and a sensor in the main device, are widely used in medicine. Video endoscopes for construction have the sensor in the probe.
Probe diameter: A critical factor that depends on the size of the opening into which the probe is inserted. Smaller diameters can have limitations.
Single or dual objective: Endoscopes with one objective provide only one line of sight, while those with two objectives have a switch for different viewing angles without having to remove the probe.
Movable probe: These endoscopes offer the greatest flexibility with a joystick, as the probe can be rotated in all directions.
Interchangeable probe: Some models allow the probe to be changed so that the basic device can be used for different applications.
Probe length: Depends on the application, although a length of around 120 cm is common.
Resolution: A decisive feature, whereby the specified resolution may deviate from the actual sensor resolution due to pixel interpolation. A full HD endoscope has 2 megapixels, which is sufficient for a 13×18 cm printout.

Here you can find a Gesamtprospekt der Wöhler-Endoskope
Wöhler Endoscope Probe 3.9 mm
Super thin (3,9 mm!) endoscope probe for the Wöhler endoscopes VE-320 and VE-400.
175,00 EUR
147,06 EUR excl. 19% tax
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
147,06 EUR excl. 19% tax
Endoskop-Sonde 5,5 mm
Endoscope probe for Wöhler VE-220 HD-video-endoscope

Scope of delivery:
Endoscope probe Ø 5.5 mm, 1.2 m
Probe attachments: Side view mirror, magnet (pluggable), hook attachment
139,00 EUR
116,81 EUR excl. 19% tax
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
116,81 EUR excl. 19% tax
Wöhler Endoscope Probe 25 mm
Probe for the Wöhler endoscopes VE-200, VE-220 or VE-320 and VE-400. With a length of 3 metres, it is specially designed for sewage and exhaust pipes with a diameter of 40 mm or more. The probe itself has a diameter of 25 mm.
145,00 EUR
from 121,85 EUR excl. 19% tax
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
from 121,85 EUR excl. 19% tax
HD video endoscope probe, swiveling
Upgrade for your Wöhler video endoscope
Compatible with Wöhler VE 220, VE 320 and VE 400

Optimal view due to 180° deflection of the camera
Probe diameter: 6.2 mm
699,00 EUR
587,39 EUR excl. 19% tax
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
587,39 EUR excl. 19% tax