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Gann measuring devices, crack monitors, crack width maps, magnetic maps and arrows, locating devices, geometer, layer thickness measuring devices, photo articles for, surveyors, software for surveyors, building moisture measuring devices, concrete and screed testing devices, water penetration testing devices and much more!

Our advice

Wöhler Multi Ring Wrench standing

Practical 8-way universal key for opening a wide range of fasteners. The ring spanner is milled from a single piece of stainless steel and is extremely stable.

49,95 EUR
41,97 EUR excl. 19% tax
41,97 EUR excl. 19% tax
anti-fog cloth foogy in the hand
The cleaning cloth "Foogy" made of microfiber keeps what it promises! Finally, despite the mouthguard there won´t be any more fogged glasses. We have it ourselves in use and are absolutely convinced of this product.
9,95 EUR
8,36 EUR excl. 19% tax
8,36 EUR excl. 19% tax
Ansmann torch Multi 3 in 1 lying from the front
The perfect lamp for the car!
Multifunctional torch with bright optical reflector (220 lumens), area light and flashing warning light. Includes belt clip and magnetic holder.
19,95 EUR
16,76 EUR excl. 19% tax
16,76 EUR excl. 19% tax